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Heres an awesome video i found using typography ­čśÇ

Our journey began with Typefaces, a typeface is a complete alphabet (letters numbers & characters) in a single design. A font is a typeface in a particular size and style.

History of typefaces

  • The origin of letters
  • Roman capitals
  • Uncial script
  • Half-uncial script
  • Carolingian minuscule
  • Humanist script
  • Gothic script
  • Venetian antiqua

There are two basic groups of typefaces, serif and sans-serif..

Serif has decorative embellishments on the ends of character lines were as sans-serif had no embellishments and is the more modern of the two. Usually sans-serif would be used on  web design, and serif in books.

The anatomy of a letter form consists of a

  • Stem
  • Baseline
  • Ascender
  • Descender
  • Counter
  • Serif
  • X-height
  • Bowl

An important part of typography is the readability, our eyes scan a script of text and mainly focus on every few words ‘saccadic movement’. Also line spacing is important,┬á you gotta make sure it’s easy to read. ideally you should have no more than 60 words per line or 35-45 on the web.

There are 4 different column set-ups to choose from..

  • flush left
  • flush right
  • centered
  • justified

Kerning is to adjust the space between to letters

So i thinks thats enough said about that, it’s not terribly interesting…. so on to our last assignment :O┬á we were asked to sketch our portrait and den redo the same image using typography ­čśÇ so basically we have to draw our portrait with letter, id much rather do it on illustrate instead of hand doing it this time just to mix it up a bit, after all it s a digital media course……. ­čśŤ

I’ll upload my assignment when im done┬á bye-bye ­čśë


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